Finding the Furniture You've Seen in Magazines


We’ve all seen a sofa or rug (among any other home furnishing piece) that we’ve fallen in love with. But the article or new source doesn’t provide a full view of the manufacturer of that particular piece – and certainly no details on where you can go to find it (and buy it)!

If you find yourself loving a piece without a name listed alongside it, then check the index of the publication. Sometimes magazines will offer readers an advertising index in the back of the magazine or a reader's resource listing, if the furniture was included in a photo accompanying an article.

If neither of those help you, try taking the magazine into your local furniture store and a sales representative should be able to help you. Often, informed furniture stores will be happy to point you in the right direction (especially if they carry that brand) so that you’ll be more likely to approach them in the future.

Of course, you should also try our Furniture Finder Catalog – it can help you find the piece you're looking for.