Quick Tips for Fresh Decorating


If you want to keep your house looking stylish and fresh, but you can't afford to redecorate every year, don’t fret!

There are so many inexpensive – but expensive looking – home furnishings and accessories that can make a bit difference in keeping your decorations up-to-date.

  • Accessories, like picture frames, vases, decorative boxes, and lamps, are a wonderful way to update without having to completely start over. 
  • Buy one new piece of furniture at a time. Over 1-2 years, your home will look closer to your ideal (without the heavy price tag all-at-once). 
  • Choose large staple items – like rugs, used artwork, or plants – that can anchor the look of a room without a big price tag. 
  • Pick up a gallon (or 2) of a bold color, then pick a wall (or 2) and start painting! 

Whether you’re just looking for a quick update or a more long-term solution, start small – over time, you’ll find that your space is looking more comfortable than ever.