Spring 2011 Color Trends


A colorful palette is everywhere! And maybe that's not surprising given the season of blooming flowers and Easter eggs.

But typically the fresh greens and light pinks of spring have reminded us more of an Earthy re-invigoration -- this year, they are leaning more toward bright and vibrant than pastel watercolor.

Finding the perfect accent chair, wall color, or rug in a bold yellow or hot pink might be easier this spring than in years past. The question is whether or not your house can accommodate it!

And this year, the answer is a hands-down "Yes!"

Fortunately, the color trends are meeting the economic realities we've all been facing -- namely, that we can't really afford to invest in that lime green velvet couch, inviting as it may appear.

Instead, we can redecorate without breaking the bank thanks to the accent-type nature of these colors -- a chocolate brown sofa or warm beige bedspread gets a pop of color with the tangerine orange, wasabi greens, and blue-gray throw pillows and blankets adorning retail shop furniture everywhere. Those bright purple vases would add that energizing pop of color we need on our piano, kitchen table, or mantle.

So, when it comes to introducing some of these bold new visuals into your home, what are you waiting for? Spring?