A Tale of Two Styles


We regularly hear from couples that are struggling to find a common style. So how can you tastefully bring together your different styles?

The easiest solution is to go for an eclectic look in your house – one that is highly individualistic, yet features a mix of compatible styles. Even though the styles may be disparate, do not fear! You can bring it all together by:

  • Choosing complementary colors to use throughout the rooms 
  • Using similar accessories such as lamps, artwork, or plants 
  • Creating a sense of continuity with similar wall colors
  • Anchoring rooms to create a "cozy" feel using rugs 
  • Grouping together “like” items to visually categorize the space 

In the end, you won’t feel challenged to decide upon a singular style because you’ll have created your own eclectic look – one that perfectly illustrates yourselves as individuals within a couple.