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Beyond Bohemian: Earth-friendly Choices Moving Mainstream … Finally!


Let’s be honest: Shoppers who set out to find “earth-friendly” or “green” furniture can turn up some pretty quirky products.

A recent online search produced a host of blogs enthusing about paper pulp furniture – a perfect eco-choice for interiors with a gray, egg carton design motif. Just one week prior, a similar online query generated posts extolling the virtues of “earth-friendly” furniture from recycled cereal boxes that were cleverly crafted into étagère-like room dividers.

Spring 2011 Color Trends


A colorful palette is everywhere! And maybe that's not surprising given the season of blooming flowers and Easter eggs.

But typically the fresh greens and light pinks of spring have reminded us more of an Earthy re-invigoration -- this year, they are leaning more toward bright and vibrant than pastel watercolor.

Finding the perfect accent chair, wall color, or rug in a bold yellow or hot pink might be easier this spring than in years past. The question is whether or not your house can accommodate it!

And this year, the answer is a hands-down "Yes!"

Bachelor Furniture Begone!


We recently got an email from a reader who said, “My husband refuses to give up his bachelor days furniture. How can I get him to get rid of this stuff and replace it with new furniture?”

This is a common issue. And no one likes to drag around a partner who isn’t excited about spending some time looking for the right mutual pieces.

How Upholstered Furniture is Built


A beautiful fabric and stylish frame may be the reasons you fall in love with a sofa or chair, but if you ignore what's inside, your affections may fizzle over time.

To help you understand the variations in interior workmanship and materials that impact quality, durability and price, check out this checklist we’ve compiled!

The Frame

A Tale of Two Styles


We regularly hear from couples that are struggling to find a common style. So how can you tastefully bring together your different styles?

The easiest solution is to go for an eclectic look in your house – one that is highly individualistic, yet features a mix of compatible styles. Even though the styles may be disparate, do not fear! You can bring it all together by:

How Wood Furniture is Built


Wood furniture adds warmth and distinction to a room's décor and helps you and your family enjoy the activities you love most, from watching a favorite movie to sharing a meal.

To make shopping for wood furniture easier, we’re compiled guidelines for consumers who want to purchase the best quality within their price range.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

Creating a Comfy Home Office


If you have a job that enables you to work from home some portion of the week, you’re undoubtedly reveling in the joys of not having lengthy commutes on those days. And beyond the hours saved from traveling, one of the great benefits of telecommuting is being able to work in the comfort of your own home – but how do you establish an environment and routine that’s conducive to getting work done?

Finding the Furniture You've Seen in Magazines


We’ve all seen a sofa or rug (among any other home furnishing piece) that we’ve fallen in love with. But the article or new source doesn’t provide a full view of the manufacturer of that particular piece – and certainly no details on where you can go to find it (and buy it)!

If you find yourself loving a piece without a name listed alongside it, then check the index of the publication. Sometimes magazines will offer readers an advertising index in the back of the magazine or a reader's resource listing, if the furniture was included in a photo accompanying an article.

Quick Tips for Recliner Shopping


Reclining chairs not only provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, they also can be fabulously fashionable and are available in nearly limitless styles, colors and sizes.

Here are five tips to consider when shopping for recliners:

Great Furniture Deserves a Loving Home


Tastes can change like – and with – the seasons. So if you are in the process of redecorating our house or are getting rid of a lot of good-condition, usable furniture, consider calling the following recipients (who may be in need of your generosity):

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