Decorating an Empty Nest


Here’s a recent question we received from a reader:

Our youngest child just graduated high school and my husband and I are empty nesters for the first time in many years. We want to give our home a new look. Any suggestions for where to start?

First, you need to consider how your lifestyle has changed (or will change, for that matter) since you last purchased furniture.

  • Do you and your spouse plan on entertaining more? 
  • Do you have hobbies that you want to create more time and space for?
  • Do you want to continue having a place your (now-adult) can still crash for the holidays?

These are important issues to think about before you begin refreshing your home's look. Most empty nesters are eager to redecorate in a style that reflects their new lifestyle and showcase home furnishings that they didn't allow when they had teenagers in the house. So take advantage of the newfound decorating freedom!